Saving Power at Home & Work

Showers & Change Rooms

Factory change houses where staff  get changed and shower before or after shifts can consume a lot of energy and money.

A lot of hot water gets used every day as people shower and wash before or after each shift.  Heating water requires a lot of energy.  You should ensure that the hot water usage is reduced to the minimum and that energy efficient means are used to heat the large amount of hot water normally required by a big factory or mine each day.

There are a number of things that can be done about this:

  • Install efficient shower heads that use less water, this is the most effective thing that can be done, with a payback of less than two months in most cases and significant monthly savings thereafter.
  • Install a heat pump to heat the water instead of using electrical elements
  • Insulate all pipe work and storage tanks
  • Install flow restrictors on all basin taps, especially the hot water taps.

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