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Appliance Power Data Entry

If you have good power consumption data (either measurements or OEM product documentation) for your own appliances, and would like to share that with others, please enter that information here.

We will periodically add your submissions to the database.

This is a goodwill community type endeavor!  Your data will help others understand their electricity consumption in their own homes and businesses that much better, and thus your effort will no doubt be appreciated.

The easiest way to measure the power consumption of most ordinary household appliances, is to use a Plug-In Power Meter, or something similar.  Alternatively, you could  use a suitable multi-meter.  Another way is to look up the information in the official product documentation.

Data Entry Guidelines

  • Power rating data needs to be entered in units of Watts.  The smallest quantity accepted is 1W (no decimals, please round your figures up to the next whole number accordingly).
  • When describing the appliance use “Nato” naming convention as far as possible.  This means the first word should be the word that best describes the appliance such as “Microwave”, “Kettle” etc.  Please don’t enter long complicated descriptions.
  • If you know the appliance brand and model number please enter them as well, in the separate fields provided.
  • Power consumption measurements are the preferred source of data.  It is assumed that measurements are taken when the device is operating at full power.  However, it is also useful to measure how much power the appliance uses in standby mode.  If your entry relates to standby power consumption then please put the term “(standby)” at the end of the product description to indicate that.
  • In the event that your instrument can measure both W and VA, we want the real power reading  (Watts).
  • If you supply power ratings from product documentation, please ensure that you use the official Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) documentation to ensure accuracy/consistency as far as possible.

Please note submissions will be vetted before being added to the database.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

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