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Household Energy Summary

Summarised Results of Our On-Going Household Daily Energy Consumption Survey

  • How much electrical energy does the average home use per day?
  • Is my home’s energy consumption normal?
  • How much electricity will I use if I move into a bigger or smaller home?
  • How much energy does each family member typically consume per day?

In order to gain a better understanding of how much energy, especially electrical energy, people use at home each day, we are conducting an on-going survey.

This information should be useful for the following purposes:

  • Benchmarking your own household energy consumption against your peers
  • A guide to the amount of daily energy typically required for alternative energy projects such as off-grid solar power etc.

The results below show the latest figures from the data collected.  They will be updated periodically as more submissions are made.  These results will be updated periodically as new results come in, so check back frequently.

Detailed Table of Submitted Data

The detailed table of submitted data is viewable here.

We would like to thank everyone who took a few moments to enter their data.

If you would like to submit your own home’s data please do so here, the more data we get, the more useful the results become.

Summary Values

Daily Council Energy Consumed per Household

The table below shows the average values for the electricity supplied by the council to each household.

Average Daily Energy Consumed (kWh) Average Daily Energy Consumed per Occupant (kWh) Average Daily Energy Consumed per Bedroom (kWh)
All Submissions 31.22 8.83 9.38
Small Homes 14.39 7.06 6.33
Medium Homes 20.29 7.70 6.70
Large Homes 52.94 10.81 12.33
Mansions 40.00 20.00 8.00
Extreme Mansions

Daily Alternative Energy Consumed for Those that Include that Data

The table below shows summary data for those submissions that included daily alternative energy figures.

Percentage of Submissions Which Included Alterantive Energy 14.93%
Average Daily Alternative Energy (kWh) 7.84
Average Percentage of Total Daily Energy Consumed 47.35%


Total Household Energy Consumption per Occupant

The chart below shows the data points for accepted submissions plotting total daily household energy consumption (from both council supplied electricity plus alternative power sources) against the number of people living in the home.

As expected, you can see that there is some basic correlation between the two factors. We have fitted a provisional trend line through the data.  The implication of the trend line might be that if your home plots below that line on the graph, then the occupants are using energy relatively efficiently, while the converse would be true if your home plots above the trend line.

Total Daily Household Energy Consumption vs Number of Bedrooms

The graph below plots the total daily energy consumption of all accepted submissions against the number of bedrooms in the home.  The intention is to see if homes with more bedrooms would tend to use more energy per day.

As you can see, there does seem to be some sort of correlation forming, although more data is required for this to be conclusive.

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