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TV (Small LCD) & DSTV Decoder

lcdtv_dstvThe graph above shows the way a small LCD TV, together with a DSTV decoder uses electricity. The units tested were a modern Samsung 66cm (23″) LCD screen TV, together with a 933 DSTV Decoder. The TV had an “energy saving mode” which was used initially for about 3 hrs viewing. The TV was then set to standby. In the second viewing session the “energy saving mode” was switched off. You can see a number of key characteristics:

The system is not a completely resistive load, meaning that current and voltage are slightly out of phase and thus Watts consumed are not exactly the same as the Volt-Amps (VA) consumed.
In standby mode, the two devices consumed about 12W combined (22VA). In standby mode the two devices combined represent a relatively reactive load due to large difference between Watts consumed and VA consumed.

The summary figures for the test are:

Max. Power drawn 103W
Max. VA drawn 110VA
Energy Saving Mode Power drawn 60W
Standby Power drawn 12W
Standby VA drawn 22VA
Average Power Factor 83.8%
Total energy consumed 0.18kWh

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