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Fuel Comparison Discussion

With electricity prices seemingly out of control, as well as electricity supply being somewhat unreliable, a lot of people are looking at various other alternative sources of energy for their needs.

Fuel Prices

We took a quick look at the current prices of various fuel types that may serve as a viable alternative to electricity.

Different fuels are priced in different ways.

In order to properly compare them, we first had to convert them all to a common, comparable price unit.  We chose Rand/kWh which is the way electricity is priced. This is a price per unit of energy (kWh).

Energy is the fundamental element that ultimately is converted into some sort of useful work.  Its the energy stored within the fuel that is required in each case, and a unit of energy from one type of fuel is equivalent to that from another type of fuel. The table below converts each fuel type to the same price unit of Rand/kWh.

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